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Wood Garden Shed Construction

As we do with any storage building we manufacture, we build the ranch wood garden shed with quality in mind. This is not the normal shed that you find at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Walmart, Jet.com or any similar sheds company. Rather it is a structure designed and built for you and your garden or backyard.

First of all we take pride in our customer service. We have a sales rep at our home manufacturing facility as well as at our other sales lots, who are always available for you. Our interest is more than simply selling you a garden shed. Rather we are here to help you find what you want and need. What fits your backyard or garden area is what we are intent on finding for you.

Secondly we are small family business. (Learn about us here.) With us you will not get lost in the shuffle and the crowd. Taking a personal interest in your needs is what we try to do. Our small setup allows us to do this.

Lastly we go the extra mile of making sure that your building is built well. While a lot of our competitors try to build as cheaply as they can we build to last. We make the structures stronger and heavier and therefore more endurable. With a better roof, better flooring, and better all around build, our wood garden sheds hold up better than a regular built shed.

Check out the comparisons below for specifics.

Our Construction

  • 2×6 Floor Joists
  • 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Flooring
  • Framing 16″ on Center
  • Trusses with STEEL Gussets
  • Boxed in Corner Studs
  • Diamond Plate Door Threshold
  • Felt Paper Underlayment
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Metal Roofing
  • Window with Screen and Grid
  • Roof Line Drip Edge

Most Competitor Construction

  • 2×4 Floor Joists
  • 5/8″ Straight Edge Flooring
  • Framing 24″ on Center
  • Trusses with WOOD Gussets
  • Minimal Corner Studs
  • No Threshold
  • No Felt Paper Underlayment
  • Limited 40-year Warranty on Metal Roofing
  • No Window
  • No Roof Line Drip Edge
Quality Shed Features
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Ranch Style Uniqueness

The ranch style garden shed has one key distinctive that sets it apart–its roof. Our shed styles, namely, the low barn style and the high barn style have a gambrel style roof. The ranch shed, on the other hand, has a simpler A-frame roof. This distinctive however is more than a mere different style. Rather this ranch roof speaks of class. It is has more of a house feel as opposed to a barn feel. It fits in with modern and clean look. In addition the roof also has more of an overhang. With the gambrel style, the roof stops bluntly at the sheds walls. However with the ranch style the roof has an added bit of roof which gives it additional class and elegance. For a similar building with an overhead door, see our portable garage.

Quality Wood Garden Shed Ideas

We go beyond selling garden sheds. Rather we are about helping ur customers find what they need. This sometimes means that we give them ideas. To do this we have provided a portfolio of our work and some ideas with it. Feel free to check our photo gallery or contact us to speak with one of our reps.

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Garden Shed Uses

The uses for one of our treated wood garden sheds are numerous. Uses can be both practical and decorative. The practical uses are as simple as storage for garden tools, lawn equipment, and even an ATVs. You can even add a double doors and a ramp to make it easier to drive your equipment into the shed. However beyond practical purposes, these sheds serve a much greater purpose. They are built to look great wherever they are placed. These outdoor sheds can be positioned to help break up the monotony of an empty backyard or add flare to your garden. They can be used to simply add spice to your property. So whether for practical or decorative reasons, these ranch style garden sheds serve a purpose. They are meant to be useful and beautiful simultaneously.

Customization & Possible Upgrades

We build all our outdoor buildings in such a way upgrading and customizing is easy. A standard wood garden shed package has either a single or double door. However at your request we can easily upgrade your shed with a deluxe package, a porch package, or a garage package.

For more info you can request the free catalog or give us a call at (270) 864-3381.

Deluxe Package

  • Double door
  • Two windows with shutters
  • Two vents (placed on each gable wall, right underneath peak)