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      Our shed sales lots are scattered throughout the Interstate 65 Corridor. We sell storage sheds from Louisville, KY to Nashville, TN. These lots displays a variety of portable storage buildings and backyard structures.

      Home & Central Location: 8720 Glasgow Rd, Burkesville, KY 42717
      Other Lot Locations: Glasgow, Brandenburg, Elizabethtown, and Mt. Washington.

      Feel free to stop by to visit us during our normal business hours at any of our shed sales lots.


      Our Products at our Shed Sales Lots

      We specialize in both wood and vinyl buildings. This includes outdoor storage sheds, cabin sheds, prefab garages, backyard structures and more. We strive to build quality wood and vinyl buildings that are higher quality than our competitions buildings. Plus we work hard to do it for less. We are willing to work hard and be efficient so that we can serve you better with higher quality for a lower price.

      We can do custom buildings for many different situations. Each line of our buildings is broken down in unique styles for a variety of needs. For example we can build something as simple as a single car garage or something as complex as a two car garage. Or we can do even more and make a two car garage that has additional storage space as well. However what we do best is building storage sheds. These are what we primarily offer at our storage lots. We are mainly focused on outdoor storage buildings in KY and TN.

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      Our Service

      Hard Work, Honesty, & Customer Satisfaction

      As Conservative Anabaptists we believe in working hard, being upright and honest in business, and serving to please others. We are willing to go the extra mile of making a shed that is well built yet is priced competitively. As an example this business started under a shade tree in the family’s backyard. We were willing to work in a less than ideal situation and to work hard to produce a quality shed. This is the service we bring to our shed sales lots.

      Throughout the years, Esh’s has built a reputation for delivering quality handcrafted outdoor storage buildings that last. Each of our structures, available at our shed sales lots, is made of quality materials, built by experienced craftsmen and backed by a solid warranty. We build for endurance.

      We’re here to serve our customers, starting with their initial questions and through building and delivery. We’re committed to serving you with better products at a lower price. We wish to serve till the customer is satisfied. We work hard to give you what you need and to do it honestly. Honesty is a central part of Anabaptist lifestyle. We believe that God honors honesty and that people appreciate it. We are here to serve with integrity. Whether it is a small economy shed or a deluxe vacation cabin, we are here to serve you with the best.

      While we offer standard shed and garage designs, we are happy to customize our buildings to meet customer needs. Our friendly staff is on hand to answer questions, offer suggestions, and help customers customize their building to their exact specifications.

      These desire to serve drives our sales lots scattered throughout the Interstate 65 Corridor.