Quality Shed Features

We bought our 8 x 12 Low Barn Shed from Esh’s in April of 2015. At that time we were very pleased with the courteous and professional sales folks who helped us not only set up for delivery and installation, but also went out of their way to help us have the shed match our house siding. Their prices for the shed, delivery, and installation were very competitive, fully explained, and an exceptional value. The shed was delivered ahead of schedule, carefully and professionally delivered and installed. This April 2019, we noted the shed doors exterior surfaces were starting to delaminate. We sent an email requesting assistance and were very pleased to get an immediate response saying the doors would be replaced and was being scheduled. In just one week, the folks from Esh’s contacted to say they were on the way with new doors to be installed. They arrived, were courteous and polite, apologized for the inconvenience, replaced the doors with brand new doors while doing exceptionally professional looking work, and were gone with in an hour. We are proud to be an Esh’s customer, elated by the exceptionally high quality products they offer, and deeply appreciate their incredible service after the sale and professional way they stand behind their product. We strongly recommend them to all our friends. Esh’s, thanks for what you do and how well you do it!

Quality Shed

How We Build

Our Quality Shed Standards

Every quality shed we build must meet our high standards of quality. Using our precision manufacturing methods and quality materials, we work hard to ensure that each building will meet or exceed customer expectations.

As a small family owned company, we are able to give each project and each customer our personal attention. This results in more reliable quality in our buildings AND an experience for you, the customer, that you’ll want to come back to. Try it and see for yourself.

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Our Quality Shed Features

Quality Shed Features Framing

Framing 16″ On Center

Our framing is 16” on center. From the floor to the rafters we use standard housing construction spacing when it comes to framing in our quality sheds. Compare this to 24” framing by many of our competitors.

Quality Shed

Floor Structure

The most important part of a quality shed is the floor structure. That’s why we’ve spent years in the research and development of our floor system. We’ve moved from 2×4 floor joists to 2×6’s and from straight edge 5/8” flooring to 3⁄4”tongue & groove flooring that boasts a 50 yr warranty.

Quality Shed Feature Corners

Framed Wall Corners

Our inside wall corners are framed in for a job done right. It looks much better, but more importantly, if you ever want to finish the inside of your quality shed those corner studs will need to be there. So we put them there for you as a standard feature.

Quality Shed Features Felt Paper

Roof Felt Paper

Felt paper underneath the roofing – it should be standard on all sheds. Unfortunately, we don’t know of any other shed manufacturer that does it. It’s just another standard feature when you buy a quality shed from us.

Quality Shed

Diamond Floor Plate

We install a tough and attractive diamond plate thresh-hold on the floor at the doorway of each quality shed. This helps to protect your floor edge from the bumps and chips that come from moving heavy equipment in and out of the shed.

Quality shed

Roof Overhang

Not only do we build with attention to quality, we want our sheds to look good as well. That’s why we put a real framed-in over-hang on our Ranch style buildings that’s up to 8” wide.

What Are You Waiting For

If you’re on the market for a storage building you’re probably trying to find a balance between quality features and cost. Just remember that you’ll remember the cost of a quality shed for only a short time, but you’ll potentially be using your storage building for the next 20 years or more. Our advice to you is to buy a quality shed that you’ll be proud to own and happy to use for many years down the road. We would love to help you with that.

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