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Quality Prefab Garages with Vinyl or Wood Siding

Whether you need a double-wide, single-car, or built on site Prefab Garage, you can depend on a high quality structure. Each one of our garages is built with pressured treated, rot-resistant 4×4 beams and 2×6 joists for the base. On this pressure treated base we put quality 2×4 framing with 16″ on center spacing. The frame is then clad in 7/16 OSB sheeting for reinforcement.

Note: A bigger Prefab Garage is built with the joist spacing at 12″ on center instead of the regular 16″ on center. 

For the final prefab garage finish/siding we offer two choices: vinyl siding and pressure-treated wood siding. Wood siding is sealed with two coats of quality weather-resistant finish.

Each of outdoor storage sheds, cabin sheds, and prefab garages comes with either a painted metal roof or an asphalt shingle roof. We have colors to suit your personal tastes. If you are looking for a PREFAB GARAGE in Kentucky or Tennessee we can help. We are set on building you a garage that is affordable yet high quality. See our learning center article on ordering and installing a prebuilt garage.

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Well-built Prefab Garages

Better Build with a Lower Price!

It can be hard to find the right prefab garage with the quality and price you are looking for. That is why we are passionate about helping you find what you are looking for. Plus we want you to find a good garage at an affordable price.

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Our Prefab Garage Line from Burkesville, Kentucky

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buy a prefabricated garage in ky and tn

Whether you need space for the family car, your ATV, a backyard workshop, or more, we have the prefab garage size you need. We offer a number of versatile PREFAB GARAGE options for a variety of needs and budgets. Like the rest of our outdoor storage buildings in KY and TN, all of our garages are made from quality materials and assembled with excellence at our facility in Burkesville, Kentucky. With each prefab garage we offer maintenance-free vinyl or pressure-treated wood siding. Our garages are built to last at a reasonable price!

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prefab garage for two cars

Are you still unsure what you should do with your car and lack of storage? Our line of portable storage buildings are great for that. The double-wide prefab garage is great for either two cars or a car and storage. Featuring A-frame styling, our double-wide garages are delivered in two pieces and assembled on site. You don’t need to worry about a long draw out building project on your property. It is as simple as telling us what you are looking for. The rest we take care of. We arrive at your site and finish the same day with a prefab garage ready for you to use right away.

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prefab garage built on site

Are you looking for a garage builder to build your garage on site? We woul