Prebuilt Garage Ordering Questions

Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are a few questions that you should be asking yourself before ordering your prebuilt garage:

  • What do I want to do with my garage?

Your answer to this question will determine the size of your garage, amount and location of doors and windows, and other important details. Will you be using your garage as a workshop or primarily for storage?

  • How much stuff do I need to store in my garage? 

It might be helpful to take the items that you plan to store in your garage and lay them out in your lawn to get an idea how big your garage will need to be. Be sure to leave enough room for walking. Go a little bigger than you’ll think you’ll need because you’ll never regret having plenty of room.

  • Will my township allow me to install a garage on my property? Are there any height or setback restrictions? 

This is perhaps the most important step because you don’t want to place your order only to discover that you won’t be able to get the building you want.

Questions for Your Sales Rep:

Here are the details that you don’t want to miss when talking to the sales rep about your building. This information will be helpful when comparing quality and price between different manufacturers.

  • How many windows and doors are included? Can I have them placed anywhere on the building?

Your builder should be able to accommodate your request to have the windows and doors installed at the location you prefer at no extra cost.

  • How high are the walls?

Wall heights vary between builders so you may want to check this detail before ordering.

  • Does the garage have proper ventilation installed?

Ventilation options include ridge vent and gable or wall vents. Ventilation allows your shed to breathe and reduces the temperature in the building on hot summer days. If ventilation isn’t included, your builder should be able to add vents for a fee.

Prebuilt Garage Installation Process

Single Car Garage

This prebuilt garage is delivered to your prepared site as a complete building. Delivery and placement is normally completed within an hour or two. Max width is usually 14′ or 16′ wide.

prebuilt garage
prebuilt garage

 Double Wide Garage

The double wide garage is delivered to your site in two pieces. The two pieces are joined together on site to form your new garage. Delivery and installation is normally completed within one or two days.

 Built-on-Site Garage

The built-on-site garage is delivered to your site in multiple pieces. Walls are usually preassembled in the shop, delivered to the site, and put in place with a machine. This type of prebuilt garage is built on top of a concrete slab that might include concrete knee walls. Built-on-site garages are bigger (often two story) buildings. Construction time may require several days.

prebuilt garage