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Portable Cabin Sheds for Storage, Retreat, Office & More

These Portable Cabin Sheds have the same structure as our vinyl sheds and wood storage sheds but with a few extras to make it a livable space or small shed house. The difference between Cabins and other outdoor storage sheds is the addition of insulated windows and an insulated pre-hung door on the portable cabin shed. Add that to the 2×6 rot-resistant pressure-treated joists on top of pressure-treated 4×4 runners and you have a structure built for a portable cabin. The rest of the frame/skeleton is built with quality 2x4s spaced on 16″ center. All of this will give you a solid structure that stays it in great shape for years to come.

To give it this final cabin look, the outside of this portable storage building can be finished with vinyl siding or pressure treated siding with stain. Whatever you choose these PORTABLE CABIN SHEDS are made for beauty and longevity.

Cabin sheds are a great way to bring charm to your backwoods, to your backyard and more. They can be used for something as simple storage. Or they can be used for a home office, a backyard studio, a hunting cabin, a retreat area, and more.  Visit one of our Shed Lots in KY or TN and spice up your life with these beautiful cabin sheds.

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Well Designed Prefab Cabin Sheds

Better Design for a Lower Price!

Small spaces are becoming increasingly popular. With our Small Prefab Cabins, you can have a small living space for less money. We are ready to take the time to help you find the tiny cabin you need from our line of outdoor storage buildings in KY and TN.

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Possibilities for a Portable Building

Vinyl prefab cabin for sale in KY

Get a Cabin shed for a Home Studio space where you can dream and create! Are you a writer looking for a quite place to write? Do you need a She Shed to get out of the house and have a space to tinker in your own space? The Prefab Cabin Sheds can fill that need for a space to think, write or create.

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Portable Office Building

With one of our simple and standard cabin sheds, you can create a nice and comfortable backyard office, home studio, or something similar. With a completely finished outside and a finishable inside the possibilites are many. These quality cabin sheds are built to last for years and years. The inside is left bare and totally customizable by you. From a simple finish to a more complex finish, it can be done in these cabin sheds. We build the inside in such a way that you can easily use standard products to finish your shed quickly and easily.