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Our Service Areas

We offer our outdoor storage buildings in Kentucky and Tennessee. Primarily we are set up to serve the Interstate 65 Corridor running from Louisville, KY to Nashville, TN. Our display lots are scattered throughout this area in Elizabethtown, Glasgow, and more. The company is in Burkesville, KY where we manufacture our products. If you are looking for outdoor storage buildings, feel free to visit us and see what we do and what we produce.


Our History | Outdoor Storage Buildings

A Family Business | Hard Work, Customer Satisfaction, & Honesty

Esh’s Storage Buildings is a family-owned and family operated business. In 1985 John Esh started the business in North Carolina. This flourishing outdoor storage buildings business began under a shade tree in the family’s backyard. John usually began a basic shed early in the morning. After their school his seven sons completed the sheds. Word of the quality-crafted storage buildings spread quickly. It wasn’t long till the family built a shop to continue producing outdoor storage buildings for the growing demand.

In 2001 the Esh family moved to Kentucky. They quickly set up shop and continued building outdoor storage sheds and prefab garages. Shortly after the move the company began specializing in vinyl sided buildings. Recently the business expanded to include cabin sheds and backyard structures in KY & TN. This provides new possibilities and enables the company to reach even more customers throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.

Since its humble beginnings, Esh’s Utility Buildings has grown into a partnership with members outside the family as well. However we are still committed to the same excellence, quality, and service that has been the Esh tradition throughout the years.

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Why Choose Esh’s Utility Buildings

At Esh’s Storage Buildings we’re not interested in selling you just any of our outdoor storage buildings. We want to make sure you’re getting a building that is built right and according to what you want. Our goal is to give you the best value for your money.

We offer our outdoor storage buildings in KY and TN for less money than our competitors. Even with upgraded and better quality features on our standard buildings, we still offer a competitive and often better price. Compare our standard features and construction to our competition’s.

Our Construction

  • 2×6 Floor Joists
  • 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Flooring
  • 2×4 Framing 16″ on Center
  • Trusses 16″ on Center with Steel Gussets
  • Boxed-In Corner Studs
  • Diamond Plate Door Threshold
  • Felt Paper Roof
  • Window with Screen and Grid
  • Roof Line Drip Edge

Most Competitor Construction

  • 2×4 Floor Joists
  • 5/8″ Straight Edge Flooring
  • 24″ Framing on Center
  • 24″ on Center with Wood Gussets
  • Minimal Corner Studs
  • No Threshold
  • Not Available (we don’t know of any other shed builders who offer this)
  • No Window
  • No Drip-Edge

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represntative for outdoor storage buildings in ky

With our roots in Lancaster County we value family and community. Although we see the value of big corporations, we put much more stock in family values and traditions. Our Anabaptist tradition teaches us to work hard and do business honestly. We have incorporated that into our business. In addition we include the family in the process. This is a family venture. We share the benefits and serve our customers together. We invite you to do business with us and reap the benefits of community, honest business, and a quality product from our family business.

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30 years of experience in outdoor storage buildings

Since starting as a small business in 1985, we have worked hard to become competent. It is our passion to provide products and service that please customers. Our 30+ years of experience in OUTDOOR STORAGE BUILDINGS has helped us to become better at customer service. Plus we have developed an affordable and quality line of storage buildings. So we stand behind our buildings with our years of experience and offer quality outdoor storage buildings and satisfying customer service. If we fail to use our years of experience wrongly, we are willing to be informed and change our approach.

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foundation for outdoor storage buildings

Your Outdoor Storage Buildings Deserve a Solid Foundation

A building is only as good as the foundation that supports it. A good foundation allows for proper drainage and minimizes shifting that can damage your outdoor building in the long run. For best results, we recommend a level stone pad, reinforced by pressure-treated 4x4s around the periphery for a clear edge for mowing.

We offer site preparation services through Elk Valley LLC for a professional job done right every time! Just ask us for details when you’re ready for your shed delivery!

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