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Wooden Sheds Construction

When we put these wooden sheds together we build them to last. We start of with good material and put it together in a strong frame. Then we follow with pressure-treated rot-resistant wood siding. This solid structure is supposed to last a long time and serve you for years.

Our mission is to provide you with an exceptional wooden building at a good price. We offer you a better shed for a lower price. That means more value for less money. As a family owned and family run company we are committed to #1 quality! Quality workmanship practices and reputable materials are key to our construction. It is our pride and joy to ensure you get a durable, well-built portable storage building.

Check out the list below to compare us with our competitors.

Our Construction

  • 2×6 Floor Joists
  • 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Flooring
  • Framing 16″ on Center
  • Trusses with STEEL Gussets
  • Boxed in Corner Studs
  • Diamond Plate Door Threshold
  • Felt Paper Underlayment
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Metal Roofing
  • Window with Screen and Grid
  • Roof Line Drip Edge

Most Competitor Construction

  • 2×4 Floor Joists
  • 5/8″ Straight Edge Flooring
  • Framing 24″ on Center
  • Trusses with WOOD Gussets
  • Minimal Corner Studs
  • No Threshold
  • No Felt Paper Underlayment
  • Limited 40-year Warranty on Metal Roofing
  • No Window
  • No Roof Line Drip Edge
Quality Shed Features
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Low Barn Specs

Where the high barn shed is spacious, the low barn is compact.The high barn can be up to 9ft tall. However our low barn wooden sheds are more within the 6ft – 7ft tall range. From our line of storage buildings this shed is the most compact. Its side walls are only about 4 feet high as opposed to the approximate 6ft high side walls of the other lines. Although something as elegant as the ranch shed with it roof overhangs and optional cupola is great, it takes up room. The low barn on the other hand can fit into tight spaces and does not take up yard or garden space like its cousins. If you are looking for a low profile structure, this is your best option.

Sheds Ideas

Buying a backyard storage building is not as simple as 1, 2, 3. Because of this we offer our ideas and assistance. We are not looking to sell you just any shed. We want you to find structure you need. One of the ways we try to help is offering our portfolio of ideas and past work. Feel free to browse it here, to get your thoughts going.

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Treated Wood or Vinyl?

Are you trying to decide between wood and vinyl? There is a difference between wooden sheds and vinyl sheds in how they hold up. Concerning performance over the course of years, there is a difference. This pressure-treated, rot-resistant wood holds up for a long time. But of course the vinyl sheds do too. (see the blog post on vinyl storage sheds) The advantage with vinyl is that it is low maintenance. It doesn’t take much to keep it clean. So if vinyl holds up so well, why would anyone go with wood? One of the big differences with the wood is that it has a natural beauty. Vinyl is not so spectacular in this regard. It may be maintenance free but it does not have that natural wood attraction.

Possible Upgrades

We do not limit our wooden sheds to only a few options. They were designed with customization and upgrading in mind. You can choose a basic package that is simply a shed with a standard door or you can enhance your order with something better. We offer a deluxe package, a porch package, or a garage package at your request.

Deluxe Package

  • Double door
  • Two windows with shutters
  • Two vents (placed on each gable wall, right underneath peak)