We’ve all thought it when it comes time to pay rent or real estate taxes – “It would be so much simpler if I would just live in a shed!” Well, some folks did more than just think it…they actually took up living in a shed! Here are some of the most beautiful and creative shed living arrangements from around the world:

A shed cabin for living in Northern CA

Off-Grid in Northern California

Don’t expect to be surfing the internet if you spend a few days living in this shed in northern CA! Located deep in the Six Rivers National Forest, this shed cabin is part of an off-grid village focused on sustainable living. In fact, living in this shed is so sustainable, it doesn’t even have electricity, so make sure you bring a flashlight!

A shed for living in NY

“Love Shack” in Rosendale, New York

Believe it or not, this rural shed living experience is less than two hours from downtown New York City! The shed is designed to accommodate two adults and a child. It’s so eco-friendly that it even includes an outdoor composting toilet!

A shed with a bedroom

“Shed and Breakfast” in New Zealand

Located on an organic sheep farm on New Zealand’s South Island, this shed is large enough for 8 people to live in it. David, the farmer who owns the shed, has converted it into a beautiful space with an open floor plan with plenty of views onto the wide New Zealand countryside. He’s opened it up to guests on Airbnb and will even let them try their hands at milking cows and shearing sheep!

A shed for living

“Bed in a Shed” in South Australia

Living in a shed in the Clare Valley of Australia might be better than living in a house anywhere else! Designed and built by the resident artist, Andrew, the shed is located on a working vineyard. The unique wood and metal interior opens out onto a Mintaro slate patio, complete with a BBQ area and a pergola for shade.

A lived-in shed in a backyard in Bristol

“Shed and Breakfast” in Bristol

Yes, same name as #3, but different continent! This has to be one of the most beautiful sheds in the entire United Kingdom. Built by Daisy and Jon Bass in the backyard of their home, they spent two years living in the shed while their house was being renovated. Now, they rent it out to guests visiting Bristol. Best of all, they not only make some extra income from folks living in their shed, they also use it to host homeless youth from the city at various times throughout the year. The Bass’ shed was nominated for the “Shed of the Year” award in 2018.

A shed home in Arkansas

Tool Shed Tiny House in Arkansas

At 144 sq. feet this guest house is perfect for two people (but not much more)! Somehow, this tiny space manages to include a full bath, a closet, and a kitchenette. This is a great example of how much customization is possible, even when living in a shed. As the listing says, though, “If two are staying here make sure you like each other A LOT!”

A shed being lived in in Missouri

She Shed Bungalow in Missouri

Located near historic Route 66 in Conway, Missouri, this “she shed” guest house can accommodate up to 6 guests! The interior, including the ceiling and kitchen, is finished out with lovely wood paneling. The floor is carpeted, with the kitchen area utilizing a beautiful laminate vinyl flooring. Living in a shed doesn’t sound half bad with a setup like this!

Living in a shed in Tennessee

Hot Tub Shed in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ok, let’s be honest: living in a shed in Tennessee sounds…meh. But if it’s a fully finished shed, with a hot tub on the deck…that might be better than living in 50% of the condos out there! This vacation rental in Chattanooga is a beautiful, two-story shed with a deck, electricity, WiFi, a flat screen TV, a queen size bed in the loft, a huge charcoal grill, and of course…a hot tub! Whether you’re the type to get out and enjoy nature or the type to spend half the day in bed with the TV on, you could probably handle living in a shed like this!

A shed for living in Indiana

Tiny Shed in Indiana

This is pretty much the essence of living in a shed: a beautiful little building, perfectly fixed up to host guests with all the comfort of a hotel room. Dean & Nancy used an old, rustic-looking shed to create this little backyard retreat in the countryside near Fort Wayne, Indiana. Leaving the exterior of the building with its quaint, rough look, they added heat and AC and managed to fit a full-size bed into the shed as well. Seriously, this place is so beautiful!

A shed for living in North Carolina

Mountainside Retreat in North Carolina

This 230 sq. ft. shed is the perfect place to find some quiet. Surrounded by trees, rocks, and a stream, it’s the kind of place you can kick back and get a break from the daily grind. A traditional board-and-batten exterior blends nicely with the rest of the natural elements surrounding this guesthouse. The interior features a beautiful blend of colors and a lovely loft area for sleeping.

A shed for living in Oregon

Barnyard Shed in Bend, Oregon

Sitting in the shadow of Mt. Bachelor, this lovely shed is fully finished inside. Not only does it include a full kitchen, it also features a dining area, a full bathroom, and three beds! The exterior is finished with rustic wood, accented by bright red trim.

A shed for living in Florida

Downtown Shed in Orlando, Florida

Bright and clean is the vibe of this backyard guesthouse. The vintage wood exterior is complemented on the inside with clean white shiplap paneling, kitchen fixtures, and subway tile. Grey tiling on the floor provides a beautiful contrast. While it’s technically a single room plus a bathroom, living in a shed like this would actually be quite nice.

A shed fixed up for living

Recycled Materials Shed in New South Wales

Let’s be honest, a building covered with rusty metal panels is not the first place many of us would think of sleeping. But if it’s finished out as wonderfully as this studio apartment in New South Wales, Australia, we might change our minds! Owners Michael & Mieke have created a wonderful little haven on the edge of Blue Mountains National Park. The design of this shed dwelling is much higher and more open than your typical shed, but it’s still very much a shed!

And there you are – some of the most genius living spaces created in tight quarters around the world!

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