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Esh’s Utility Buildings Customer Reviews

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This page is where you can let us know how we have performed, plus inform others of your experience with us. Feel free to check out our reviews and write one on your new storage shed, garage, cabin, piece of lawn furniture and more. We appreciate al the feedback you can give us. Use the “Create your own review” button to get started, review  and then fill in the info required. Please write what you want other people to know about Esh’s Utility Buildings LLC. Please note that your email address will not be shown on the review after you submit it to the Esh’s Utility Buildings customer reviews.
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Pleasant and Friendly Staff

“Everyone I dealt with was very pleasant, friendly and easy to work with. You all seemed to appreciate my business and everyone of you were very helpful in helping me decide throughout the process until it was installed. Thanks so much for the pleasant experience. I am enjoying not only the usefulness but also love to look at it!”

Jackie McFall

Very Pleased

“We are very pleased with the building, its workmanship and durability. If anyone we know is looking for a storage building, we will gladly recommend your products.”

David Rutt

Very Happy

“We are very happy with the double-wide portable building that we purchased from Esh. It’s a beautiful, well designed and constructed building. You will be treated with respect and they will help you make the right decision.”

Jim and Jo Bunnell

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