Living in a Shed: 13 Examples Around the World

We’ve all thought it when it comes time to pay rent or real estate taxes – “It would be so much simpler if I would just live in a shed!” Well, some folks did more than just think it…they actually took up living in a shed! Here are some of the most beautiful and [...]

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5 Ways Rent to Own Storage Buildings Beat Self-Storage

Sometimes you just need more space. That’s all there is to it. Whether it’s the basement overflowing or no room in the garage for your car, you know you need to do something. It’s at this point that a lot of people start considering their options for storage buildings. Of course, not everyone [...]

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Shed For Business Ideas

A shed for business is a cost-effective way of starting a new business or growing your current one. Cut all the expenses and risks involved with buying or renting office space and get started right in your backyard shed. Starting a business is never guaranteed in success so cut the risk by avoiding additional [...]

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Vinyl-Sided Wood Storage Sheds vs. Plastic Sheds

In the storage shed industry you often hear the term “vinyl storage sheds” being thrown around. That term is used for two very different kinds of storage buildings, namely vinyl-sided wood storage sheds and plastic sheds (also known as vinyl or resin sheds). There’s a need for clarity on the difference between these two [...]

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Prebuilt Garage: Ordering and Installation Guide

Prebuilt Garage Ordering Questions Questions to Ask Yourself Here are a few questions that you should be asking yourself before ordering your prebuilt garage: What do I want to do with my garage? Your answer to this question will determine the size of your garage, amount and location of doors [...]

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7 Features of our Quality Storage Buildings

Notable Quality Storage Buildings Do you ever wish for more for less money? Of course you do! Do you ever wish for higher quality storage buildings for a lower price? The answer is obviously yes. You may think that you can either get a quality storage shed or a cheap shed [...]

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22 Creative Shed Ideas

Photo Credits: GMH Construction 22 Inventive and Creative Shed Ideas & Uses The thought of "Inventive and Creative Shed Ideas" could seem a little misplaced and contradictory. Maybe you think that a shed is simply where you "put your stuff in." While it is true that a storage building is designed and built for storage, it is [...]

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